No additional voices in filmographies, as well as the usage of tweets from pro VAs

Here is an RFC that brings the long debated topic of the exclusion of additional voices to a close. Additionally, there is now consensus that condones the usage of tweets from pro VAs IF there are no secondary sources that confirm their credits, such is the case with many Japanese video game dubs.

Which licensee should be listed in Funimation/Crunchyroll parternship shows?

By default, we are to list both Crunchyroll and Funimation based on the consensus of this discussion. There are 3 votes that support in favor of it our of 6, and their arguments weigh heavier than the "depends" vote (which is a sign of uncertainty). Not to mention one of the "depends" votes is just a simple acknowledgement of another one. GS Palmer (another user involved in the discussion) also agrees that the consensus is leaned towards "list both".