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This Wiki contains all information about Inverted Crown Productions (Abbreviated as 'ICP'), an anime fandubbing group managed single handedly by none other than the King, Tim (otherwise known as Inverti Herikawa). The final undubbed scene in Blood+ (Otherwise known as Project 0) is ICP's debut project. As of Jan 2017, the video has accumulated 26.5k views, and is still the most viewed video on the ICP channel. 

Group policies

  • People auditioning with a laptop mic or a headset will be rejected.
  • Only anime that have not been dubbed in English, Cantonese and Mandarin before will be fandubbed.
  • Projects range from English covers and fandubs of video games and anime.
  • Projects of ICP are very specific and purposeful, as we aim to produce fandubs that nobody else has attempted before.
  • Record, Export and Upload (REU)! Voice actors shouldn't have to do anything more than just that.


There are guidelines to voicing lines in ICP.

Main article: Guidelines of ICP

Questions for newly met voice actors

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Ongoing Projects

Project 1:

Video games:

  • Trauma Center Under the Knife series

Completed Productions




  1. Hayate movie OP - We Ran to the Skyky

Video games:


Original productions


Audio productions

  1. Birdemic Remake
  2. No Items

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