1. When sending lines put all of the lines of an episode in a single MP3 audio file
  2. Audio files are to be named according to the episode you're doing
  3. Do not apply any effects to the audio files (ie. Normalizing, noise removal, compressing, etc.) nor edit them (ie. Just send in raw files); ignore this if you do audio engineering for a living
  4. Be sure to listen to my pronunciation guide if I have sent you one
  5. Make sure that you're lip synching the lines properly using the time stamps in my script and the video(s) I link on Skype/e-mail; it may take some time to experiment until you get the right synch but it's worth it in the long run
  6. Do not alter my scripts in any given circumstances
  7. For emotions, listen to the original Japanese audio for reference (Unless a specific direction is given in my script)


Voice what's written in my script, regardless of whether or not it matches the in game text.

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